Monday, November 20, 2006


I've noticed a lot of complaining coming out of my mouth. It's not the first time I've noticed [which is altogether sad at that]. Undoubtedly, it will not be the last.

Everyday I listen to various problems of varied seriousness and intensity. More often than not, the problems are not as serious as those who are involved make them out to be. Truth be told, most of the problems revolve around material possession and the comfort of the American dream.

A woman I talked to this weekend told me, "It just amazes me when I see a young person who is sincerely thankful for anything. Younger people have generally been given so much to them and they don't know how to communicate thankfulness."

I was not the young person she was talking about.

Just like anyone else, I get wrapped up in the circumstances affecting me. To think about the root of the word brings up an interesting point [circum- being around; stance being a place or position] in that circumstances aren't within us, but come from what is apart from us. More oft than not it seems that the outward events are far more important than the inner man. Being the case, life seems so hopeless and barren. Why can those things that are apart from me have so much bearing and weight upon that which is within me?

David Camera [Briarwood's new pastor of discipleship] spoke on thankfulness last night. Last night, there was also a time where people are allowed to come to one of two microphones in the middle of the pews to tell what they are thankful for. Last night is usually the type of night that this writer tends to avoid in regards to church attendance.

Last night, I heard how one man was thankful for his wife...and how God had brought healing in their relationship after being separated for 16 years. Last night I heard how one visitor was thankful to see men in the church - there are apparently few to none where she is from. Last night I heard one girl get up and read scripture - it was the part in Romans where Paul's saying something about "...we are more than conquerors." She then explained what she was thankful for [not excluding that God had given her mother Leukemia]. Her mother stepped up later and explained how God was using this sickness to break them.

Today, I walked into work and complained in my heart. Tonight, I walked in from the grocery store and sulked. Right now, I feel that I am in the company of One of whom I am not worthy.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I have a tendency towards extremes when I become overwhelmed. Sometime I will tend towards the extremity of action - those are the times when I feel really successful at what I'm doing due to the quantity of work I am able to accomplish.

Right now, I am gravitating more towards the extremity of intellectual inaction, however.

I think that I set expectations really high for myself with the series. This is not to be misconstrued as the "Gene is a quitter," post [though, that may come later]. This is to communicate that there will be more reprieves between the surges of thought so as to keep the blog a little more current.

That being said, I encourage you to check out My wife recommended this to me [before her IT department came down on the whole company to say, "No more streaming videos, no more music downloads, no more satellite radio via the web, no more etc."' and I've been trying to get the word out.

The site is self explanatory. Sometimes it what I wish life to be like - just plug in your favorites and it spits out other things you might like. Visit it...for the love of homogeny!