Friday, July 17, 2009

Spam in my box...

Occasionally, I recieve some sort of spam in my work inbox, and I wonder "How did they know where to send this?"

Today, however, I received a real piece of mailed spam.

If for nothing else except for the promise of a longer life and a better functioning of my sexual plumbing, it was worth opening. Because it promised that real experts from nowhere less prestigious from Harvard itself would be providing this was worth opening. Plus, I was promised to "be surprised," just by opening the letter!

The crazy thing (to me, at least) is that someone has the job of opening the return envelopes from people who might actually be interested in this.

I very often think that we live in a strange and scary world. This, I think, is just further proof of fact that it's true.

Seriously, I wasn't even nearly intelligent enough to wonder whether or not Viagra would hurt my eyes...

I guess I'm seriously fortunate to not have the need of partaking in the blue pill...

My Wife is in the News!

15 seconds of fame:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At home.

I live in a city of over 1.4 million people.

In the metro area, there are almost six million people.

There are some great things about this. There are times where you want anonymity and it can definitely be easy to find.

But other times, you want to be known.

Jason, I think, blogs about this often (or at times, anyways).

Altogether, it has always been so interesting to me to see people I know in this city. I came home from a long trip today and saw two people I go to church with on my way home. Once was walking out of the train station - those sightings are always a little awkward because you know that the person walking in is in much more of a hurry than the person walking out (sometimes, you'll need to wait thirty minutes before the next train comes!). The other was while I was standing in a subway car. He actually came into the same car and we talked for four stops.

Its a great thing to be known. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that in this huge place that so many people call home, there are so many people that you can call friend - that you can see, that value you and that add value to your own life.

For various reasons, I'm happy to be home.